Sleepless Every Night

by Another Kind of Death

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- "Another Kind of Death is one of our very best metal bands" (Rock Zone, 2008) -


released August 30, 2007

All songs by Another Kind of Death. Produced, recorded and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios (Madrid, Spain) in 2007. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in 2007.

Photos by Harek
Artwork by Mario C. Vaises

Another Kind of Death in 2007:

Mario C. Vaises | vocals
Víctor Teixeira | guitars
Carlos Océn | guitars
Ale | bass and backing vocals
Jaime García | drums

Guest musicians:
Kals (Avenues & Silhouettes) | vocals on "Alcohol & Glitter"

Published by Underhill Records in 2007



all rights reserved


Another Kind of Death Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: The Rope
"Wake up! Start to panic, because we are the next to be hanged. Maybe this is the end. The sirens are screaming again. No morals, no mercy... just claws and jaws. I hate this fucking town, I hate this nameless crowd. We raise a flag, but we don't know which one. I hate this poisonous air that I'm breathing and all those cheaply made buildings that spread out like arson. The sirens are screaming again. The bombs are falling again. They put velvet gloves on the same old fists. Only hanged men are growing from this tree. If there is a god in the sky, we are the dogs that he left to die. Old fascisms teach us now about what's democracy. The rope is getting tighter around our necks and I feel like Dante walking by the City of Dis"
Track Name: Venganza
" 'Keep away from me', you said as you pushed me aside. 'Keep away from me'... How could I forget it? Four words to summarize my life, my perfect epitaph. Four words; a point-blank shot without an exit wound. What am I? Oh god! What am I? Oh god...

My ghost is crying out for vengeance beneath the gravestone of your words, but I bet that you can feel my presence if I take you to the underworld. Tell me, what the hell am I? What the hell am I? What the hell… I must be damned"
Track Name: Car Crash
"She is talking about moving to New York... or something like that, as I watch stunned at her every move. This bittersweet feeling is bewildering me, electrocuting me. It is lifting me up from my seat, knocking me out. She feeds the fire in this boiler of mine. The beast is roaring from inside. It seems like the wild teenage lover I knew is not dead yet. But I can feel the taste of blood on my lips. I feel like Elvis going wild on stage, so I know that I am rising just to fall straight down. This bittersweet feeling is bewildering me, electrocuting me. It is lifting me up from my seat, knocking me out... Give me a sign! It’s hard to fit this mask on my face. Give me a sign! Why are all those wounds stinging again? Everyone is an actor trying to make real his role. I would like to be James Dean for one night, but you are a snake charmer. You are… car crash"
Track Name: Golem
"What do your ribs hide below? What keeps your blood warm? What are your entrails made of? They're nothing but mud. To get rid of you is as easy as to take a piece of paper away from your forehead. Tell me, what is love when your heart stops beating? I must be alive because my heart's still aching. But I know my time is passing by, and I feel the urgency of life every time that I feel you breathing. We are like figures of mud in someone else's hands. We are like golems wandering until the spell comes to its end.

We shall know the truth, someday; we shall be all the same that day. My time, your time… is passing by. Why are we wasting our time? My body is turning into mud... your body is turning into mud"
Track Name: Long Distance Vision
"Time, only time... The same thing that distanced you from me without warning, brings you here without me being able to avoid it. You reach me like a flash, a mirage that vanishes before my eyes, just when I thought that everything had been swept through by time. We never should have met. I never should have lifted my gaze that day. You were the bomb over my own personal Hiroshima, my crucifixion beneath the sun. I was devoted to you, my goddess, praying, kneeling, waiting and sinking. Rise and crumble, ivory tower. Game over, loser and lover. Babe… goodbye (bang! bang!) Now it's late"
Track Name: Spitfire
"I'm still falling down, counting the hours. Walking beneath a rain of bombs, cursing my blindness. I will not listen to Judases anymore. I've been deceived and poisoned. I hear them talking about me behind my back. I feel a dagger thrusting in my side and I think: 'If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned!'

I'm still falling down, but the lion shall wake up soon... I would like that to be true. Friends... what a joke! Easy come, easy go. I'm late again, no one's left by my side and I wonder: 'what is wrong with me?' This is rage, not courage; lots and lots of burning rage. But, don't you know? you have to be dead to be reborn. I'm all alone, no one’s left by my side and I wonder: 'what is wrong with me?' "
Track Name: Alcohol & Glitter
"You watch the whole town from your lair. It seems a field of golden electric flowers, a thousand volts in bloom. Everything is frenzy in there; engines, alarms and throats... it's a symphony of chaos. Teens take the streets at night. They have been waiting for a week to play. Metropolis beats and breathes, grows up and falls ill.

Alcohol & glitter...

Tonight is 'the night of the prom' and you are the one without a partner. There is a party everywhere to which you are not invited. You are a lost soul, trapped in limbo forever. The polish on your nails shines like a handful of black pearls, but the flame of your courage goes out a little every day. You are a fallen angel, a romantic and a stranger. There is no place for you... There is no place for any of us, because we are the damned ones"
Track Name: Electric Manifest
"Hey, listen. It might be your last chance. It must be an only shot, so think it over, man. Hold your breath and grit your teeth. Taste the lead that’s on your lips; it could be the greatest feeling before the ending. Listen to the bombs whistling in the sky… or maybe it is the heaven's choir singing as we die. Think about our mistakes as the sky is getting grey. Human pigs... We're all condemned. Human pigs... We're all to blame. This is not a song, this is a manifest. It's an electric screaming asking you to struggle. Too many prophets, too many saviours. It's an electric screaming, play it fucking louder!"
Track Name: Cloudy Water
"All I know is a lie. I'm crawling in the snake pit, among their shedded skins. There's no cure for the snake bite; there's no cure for me. I'm the body floating downstream. I'm the stone that sinks into the pond. Something is dragging me downwards into this nightmare of cloudy water. I'm still sick and there's no cure for me. I'm sinking, I'm drowning, I'm falling into this nightmare. A scream dies away in my lungs. I'm dazed and confused when the line is getting blurred. Something is dragging me downwards into this nightmare of cloudy water... The storm is almost here. The ink has run on the pages of my life and now it's almost unreadable what is written on them. These clouds of melancholy do never clear. This is my own personal crown of thorns, and the storm is almost here. Something is dragging me downwards"