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released October 1, 2011

All songs by Another Kind of Death. Produced, recorded and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios (Madrid, Spain) in 2010. Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki, Finland) in 2010.

Artwork by Mario C. Vaises

Another Kind of Death:

Mario C. Vaises | vocals
Carlos Océn | guitars
Víctor Teixeira | guitars
Araña | drums
Daniel Nohales | bass

Andrés Carrasco | live guitar

Published by Another Kind of Death in 2011



all rights reserved


Another Kind of Death Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: For the Damned
"And what if I have been wrong all this time? I'm on the threshold of a crumbling house; there's no turning back. I knew from the very first day we were here to write a tragedy, an ode for those like us, for the damned ones. We are incorrigibles. I knew it from the first day too. In the last days of our youth we don't care too much about being wrong or being right. I knew from the very first day we were born to lose, but this world needs a reply, a trace of sincerity, a stake in the middle of its heart"
Track Name: No Plan
"I said I'd be a better man, but I guess I lied. I try to shed my skin from time to time... yeah, once in a while. But I'm still the snake that is crawling at your feet. We get what we deserve so I won't say I tried. I need a master plan to set the course of my life.

Dead girls aren't used to picking up the phone. It's time to cross some names off, with no remorse. But when I look around I think that I won't survive another summer in this town. It must be a test, it must be a joke, or maybe an inscrutable way of the Lord; but I don't have faith; remember, I'm only a snake! No plan.

Should I feel good or bad? Oh! She loves me, she loves me not... My time keeps counting down and I have no plan"
Track Name: The Black Notebook
"I have a little black notebook here where I shed my misery. I writhe in agony when I stick the pencil into it, but I'm writing anyway 'cause I'm not able to forgive. Oh! No, I'm not. It's like a black list full to the brim, a bible black, my dear black diary.

Here are the details of all my stupid plans and all the lyrics of my band. This one is about you; and it's about me... and all the suffering that you made me feel. I have a pocket curse for each and every one of you. Yeah, here is my legacy; one hundred pages that took me an eternity. Yeah, this is my legacy; a bunch of good songs that no one is going to sing"
Track Name: Pentagram
"We have been gone for so long and even so I know you all. Somehow, we are a family. Get in the pentagram now that I feel so good. Scream with me before I go back to my coffin, before the dawn. We were 'the scene', 'the underground', but no one seems to remember that.

These are the last days of my youth. I just can't look behind. I never thought we'd go that far. Who knows what will become of us. Enjoy this night as the last one, join the ritual. Scream with me before the morning comes.

This night might be the last one, join the ritual. No matter if you don't know the words. Get into the pentagram"
Track Name: Dark Days
"These dark days that have been passed down to us are soaking through my flesh and bone. Dark days, that's all they've left. They sold our dreams and now we pay the bill. Just let me disappear, let me be on my own, to be unkind and curt... I can't keep pretending. You have to understand, it's such an easy thing to hurt your loved ones. My chest starts to breathe heavily, all flooded by the held back tears. Someone sleeps now in our bed. He said that we may dig a hole if we want to rest. I'd crack a smile, I'd shake his hand, but I'm still the motherfucker I promised to mend his ways"
Track Name: Open Wounds
"The open wounds sting so much that I can hardly sleep a wink tonight. The open wounds are lonely tears that help you to remember how to cry. Of all the stupid things I ever made, this is the worst. All these damn phone numbers... I should have deleted them, and all the things I could have done but I didn't at the end. They sting so much that I can't stop licking my open wounds tonight. What was I thinking to come, to speak, to even try? What was I thinking to call, to stay, to walk the line? Of all the stupid things I ever made, this is probably the worst"
Track Name: Regicide
"Where to go when the walls rumble like this? The war has broken out in the very next room. There's no way to face the world with such a legacy. You had a lifetime to rectify, but now it's too fucking late. Yeah, it's too late to get back all the time that I have lost listening to you. Yeah, it's too late; some people never change. You'll be forever looking for a brilliant epitaph.

You are a lost cause... I wish someone had told me that. There's no way to face the world with such a legacy. You had a lifetime to learn, but it was so much easier to blame everyone else. Whatever you may say, it's late. Your reign is over now"
Track Name: Incorrigibles
"I’m sorry but I lost count of all the shows, the rehearsals, the songs… Time passes by without remembering us. We are restless souls trapped in a haunted house with many rooms, many sounds and many others fighting for a crown. I’m sorry if we are not as you expected. Don’t worry, ‘cause we renounced so many stories just to live another. We might be wrong, but we don’t care. We can’t stop it now... we’ll never change. We are incorrigibles, eternal losers, but kings in our way. We are insupportable; to settle down is to give up.

We will never change"
Track Name: This Town is Dead
"I am so sick and tired of waiting for something to happen; whatever will be, will be (a stroke of luck, I hope...) I only know that I need a change, a different point of view, a new beginning so far from here. I'm so fed up with going up and down inside this leviathan, making one day plans, wasting my time, running in circles in this trap. Run, rabbit! Run, rabbit! Run, run, run!! Wasting my time because no one is listening. This town is dead"
Track Name: The Last Song
"This is the last song, but it could have been the first. It took me ten minutes to write what has been in my head for ten years. Some memories are now just terribly far away. Somehow I always knew it would end up this way. This is a goodbye to our friends, wherever they are... no matter how far. I want to tell them that I finally know the meaning of 'another kind of death' "